Cost reductions within as little as four weeks.

Get Savings Fast

In most areas, from analysis of your last two or three invoices, we can quantify exactly how much we can save you and release hidden profit in as little as four weeks, without compromising on quality.

“Once the Blue 7 team started to review our office and IT consumables expenditure, the results spoke for themselves…”

Hassle Free

We’re here to save you time not create more work.

“Working in my own offices, Blue 7 collated all the information they needed for the Savings Audit with no input from me and minimal input from my team…”

You Stay in Control

You always set the agenda and call the shots because you know your company better than we ever could.

“Blue 7 were sensitive to our business needs throughout the Savings Audit process…”

Your requirements and opinions drive the whole process and we are good listeners. If you have already noted the areas you suspect are least cost-effective, just tell us. If you only want us to look at a few key areas then we will be happy to do this and it’s fine with us if you wish to retain any current supplier relationships too.

We will take your views on board and then use our expertise to make every aspect we look at work significantly better for you. We frequently provide up to five fully detailed like-for-like quotes so you then choose which best suits your organisation’s needs.

Win Win Outcome Guaranteed – Release Hidden Profits

We’ve saved money for every one of our customers and we are so sure that we can do the same for you that if our initial Savings Audit shows that we can’t significantly reduce your costs then  we won’t charge you a penny for the service.

You will simply have benefited from a totally free consultancy service and from our confirmation that your existing procurement scheme is already optimised.  Where we do identify potential efficiencies, you pay us 1/3 of the value of the savings we make for your organisation over the first year, payable quarterly in arrears so that you will also see a positive impact on your profit & loss position and cash flows.

Savings Audit