How can you buy more efficiently than us?

Aggregation allows us to achieve economies of scale. At the end of the day, if we can’t save you money we will not charge you a penny.

What work is involved for me?

We do the work for you. We examine invoices and existing contracts and recommend cost efficiencies. If we do suggest a change of supplier we complete the application forms and expedite a pre-clearance account where possible. We provide a detailed report allowing you to see the figures and make a decision.

What if I’m in contract with a supplier?

We make sure that you serve notice properly and note when the contract expires so that we can review the expenditure ahead of that event.

What if we are happy with our existing suppliers?

We do not necessarily always suggest a change of suppliers but we do always focus on eliminating any superfluous overheads.

When do I pay you?

We generally agree a charge of 1/3 of the savings achieved, payable quarterly in arrears.

What if we only want you to examine one area? Maybe it won’t be worth your while?

Please allow us the opportunity to decide on that.

Why do I need to sign a contract?

Merely to protect the interests of both parties by ensuring that each side knows exactly what they are committing to.

What if I’m not happy with the supplier you recommend?

You are not obliged to accept our suppliers and if you prefer you can simply utilise the information that we provide you with to negotiate directly and more effectively with your current suppliers.

What if we want to support our local supplier?

This is not a problem: simply tell us whether or not you would like us to contact certain suppliers and we will comply with your instructions. However, do please consider how you might react if somebody acting on behalf of your biggest client contacted you and said that the contract was up for tender.

How do you negotiate?

We only utilise fair and best practise. We allow suppliers one opportunity to pitch. Our processes are continually refined to ensure that we are across current market prices. We generally contact at least three potential suppliers.

What happens if prices change after you negotiate for us?

It is our job to remain aware of market trends. If prices are rising we will recommend entering into a longer term contract and if prices are falling we will suggest the reverse.

How do you collect the information you need?

We need to see invoices and bills and we will collate the information at your offices.

How quickly do you deliver your services?

We will report to you within 10 days of collation of the information on your premises. You can expect to start saving within one month of agreeing to go ahead with our recommendations.

What if our business is unique?

All of our customers are unique and if we can’t save you money it won’t cost you a penny.

Frequently Asked Questions