Blue 7 Enterprises Limited offers an entrepreneurial, client focussed and goal driven executive team with extensive experience of a multitude of business sectors and BOSS itself is potentially wide ranging.

One example of optimisation revolves around the fact that approximately half of corporate overhead spend currently goes to external suppliers. It’s a staggering amount, which makes cost management a business imperative.

By identifying potential savings in an organisation’s critical overheads and by managing supplier relationships, we guarantee to make substantial cost reductions within as little as four weeks.

The savings we make will be significant, both short and long-term. Our average saving is over 25%.

If your organisation spends more than £500,000 a year on purchasing services and supplies, we will save you money – or charge you nothing.

We will discuss our charges with you right at the outset and these may be in the form of:

  • Fixed project fees
  • Periodic rates
  • Fees linked to project milestones
  • Fees based on savings achieved
  • Equity participation

Be assured that, in all cases, regardless of the agreed fee structure, our clients appreciate our service right where it counts: on the bottom line.

Cost and Benefits